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“Our purpose is to create unique and inspirational gifts for your

 loved ones.  We want you to be able to express your love,

 appreciation, thanks, and sympathy to the people in your life with

a gift that is meaningful, personal, and has an inspirational

 message.  We are always working on creating new gifts for you to

share with your family and friends.” 

Blessings, Angela & Leslie Kay

 About Angela

At the age of 19, Angela’s life as she knew it changed in a single moment.  Her fiancé passed away in a tragic car accident in 1994.  She began searching for answers to make sense out of what had happened and found none.  She began writing to express her feelings and to heal her own pain.  After years of just going through the motions, she was hit with another tragedy, the loss of her only brother, Billy, who passed away on New Year's Eve in 1998.  Two days after his death she was awakened by something telling her she needed to write a poem.  Angela tried ignoring it because she had not gotten any sleep and was extremely tired.  The feeling persisted, so she grabbed her pen and paper and began writing.  In about 10 minutes she wrote a poem titled “Never Say Goodbye”.  She believes it was Billy’s message to his family and friends, letting everyone know that he was all right and that he would never say goodbye.  The response Angela received from the poem was overwhelming and that is when she began writing for others to help ease their pain.


About Leslie Kay

Leslie Kay is a divinely gifted artist.  She has been painting ever since she was a little girl.  Her art is guided and touched by angels.  She has been blessed with 5 daughters and 1 son.  Her work has always been commissioned pieces, because of this she enjoyed painting everything not just one subject.  Then in the blink of an eye her life changed.  Her precious and loving son, Billy, passed away on New Year's Eve in 1998. For Leslie everything stopped, it was no longer automatic to breathe, to walk, or to live.  Every ounce of her energy was spent on survival, and her painting ceased.  After 6 months, Leslie picked up a brush and painted a portrait of her son.  When she looks at his painting she knows the healing begins there, as it brings her a sense of peace and comfort.  Leslie prays for all of you who are walking this same path.


Why they created Inspired To Be, LLC

Leslie and Angela are mother and daughter and their journey began with the tragic loss of Leslie’s only son, Billy, and Angela’s only brother.  After years of just going through the motions they were both faced once again with tragic losses in 2004 and 2005.  Leslie’s father had been hospitalized for nine months with no hope of recovery, when Angela’s mother-in-law suddenly became ill.  The doctors gave her 3 months to a year to live. When Angela was on the way to the hospital to see her grandpa and her mother-in-law, who were just a few rooms away from each other, she knew something had to be done to honor and remember our loved ones.  Angela thought of doing an angel magnet that said In Loving Memory.  She called her mother right away and told her about the idea.  Leslie said she would pray about it and draw just the right angel.  A week later Angela was told her mother-in-law had only 3-5 days to live.  Three days later Angela and her husband were there when she took her last breath.  Angela felt helpless; there was nothing she could do to ease his pain.  Three months later Leslie’s father passed away.  It is difficult to put into words the heartache you feel when you lose a loved one.  It is a loss you carry with you always, it’s timeless.

Angela and Leslie created Inspired To Be, LLC to honor, to cherish, and to remember our loved ones.  Our loved ones deserve to be honored for how they touched our lives in so many precious ways.  We need to cherish them because of the love that we shared and for the love they are still sending us.  It heals our hearts to remember them and the memories that we made together.  People need to know that it is okay to think of them, to still love them, and to remember them.


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